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Outsourcing to Ascent enables a company to focus critical energy and resources on core business functions and mission-critical projects, such as new product development and market expansion, while leaving operational details to us. Ascent can provide specialized talent and resources at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase and/or develop them in-house. Regardless, there are a number of key benefits to be realized including business focus, specialized access to tools, techniques, technologies, resources and knowledge, economies of scale, risk sharing, cash infusion, and the reduction of capital.

The decision to outsource with Ascent may be one of the best decisions you'll probably make. The business benefits are proven. This means that you'll have the right skills and technology at the right time with a fresh approach to your technology challenges.
Our Services
We have the hardware and software to log in all the calls that we make and receive; multiple high-speed Internet connections to send and receive files at a lightning speed wherever you are located; intelligent dialers that route in and route out calls to increase productivity; hardware and software from the leaders in the industry like Nortel, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

We have the hardware and software to log in all the calls that we make and receive; multiple high...

Ascent Inc provides flexible business models for IT offshoring/outsourcing. From infrastructure, connectivity and Project Management Office, we deliver turnkey turn key development centers, application centers, product centers and associated services for global companies to leverage resource, expertise and time zone advantages.
Our Products
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IT Consulting
In today's dynamic business environment, organizations have to constantly look at emerging technology to remain competitive in existing and new business opportunities. Ascent Inc Planning, Implementation and ongoing Consulting & Professional Services are designed to create a system that continually meets your needs...
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