About Us

We provide a wide range of solutions in IT Consulting, Technology and Operations space for our clients. To enhance the business value of our service offerings to our customers, we have formed strategic alliances with key industries, industry bodies, technology vendors and system integrators. Through these partnerships we are able to maximize the delivery industry- of best end-to-end industry solutions for to our customers.

Ascent Inc Profile:

Ascent Inc specializes in the planning, analysis, and management of business, infrastructure and natural resources. We serve clients who share our belief that high-quality , objective analysis is a prerequisite to resolving complex problems.

Ascent Inc - Background:

Ascent Inc was founded by experienced software professionals who provide and providing the foundation for the company's expertise in E-commerce/Web applications, custom application development, data warehousing, enterprise management solutions, and operations management (support, maintenance and implementation)

Ascent Inc Organization:

Ascent Inc. Management is the force behind the its quest for excellence and excellent propelled growth over the years. Our eminent board of directors and top management is dedicated committed to compliance with all fiscal, legal, client, social and environmental concerns responsibilities and promotes and demonstrates to promote behavior that's ethical, accurate and responsible behavior. Our professional staff is grouped into project teams according to specific client needs.

Ascent Inc Clients:

We work for a wide variety of clients in United States of America.

Ascent Inc Approach:

Ascent Inc prides itself in working collaboratively with clients to develop real world solutions that focus on the client’s financial, organizational and structural needs and situation. rather than suggesting alternatives that clients cannot implement financially, organizationally or structurally. We take time up-front to completely understand a client’s unique situations, structure, challenges and outside influences, ensuring that all data collection, analysis, and solutions are on target and complete.

Ascent Inc Toolbox:

We employ a broad range of analytical methods and customized software to solve client problems. We have also developed a large cache stable of specialized applications and model capabilities that complement our staff’s many years of expertise and accumulated knowledge.

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