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IT Outsourcing

Ascent Inc provides flexible business models for IT offshoring/outsourcing . From infrastructure, connectivity and Project Management Office, we deliver turnkey turn key development centers, application centers, product centers and associated services for global companies to leverage resource, expertise and time zone advantages.

Our various outsourcing delivery models are :
Onsite Model
Offshore Model

All our client projects are completed using the most appropriate combination of one, some, or all of these delivery models based on the client requirements. Ascent Inc delivery models help helps leverage capacity, capabilities, competitive pricing, and competencies globally across geographies to improve delivery, and predictability, and to achieve customer satisfaction.

Onsite - Offshore Model
Where the nature of the project involves intense collaboration or interaction on a continual basis or there is a customer specific requirement, an onsite presence is maintained.
Onsite Projects:
A team of Ascent Inc consultants works in collaboration with or in parallel to the project team at the client's location to complete a technology project. This model allows for the most efficient teamwork and communication of changing project requirements.
Onsite Supplemental Staffing:
Technology experts from Ascent Inc join the client's clients project team to supplement gaps in expertise and resources. By accessing Ascent Inc technology consultants, our clients can ensure that you get just be assured of the right skill set at just the right time in their project cycle
Direct Control over the project
Availability of Skilled Resources
Provision of Provide a secure, stable, scalable, and flexible application environment, adaptable to changing technologies.
Off shore Projects:
Based in one of Ascent Inc Development & Test centers, the client maintains ownership and control of the project without needing to commit your own capital or project resources. Ascent Inc offshore delivery model provides aims at helping customers with achieve 24/7 productivity. We ensure faster time to market and cost effective development and testing solutions that result results in lower total cost of ownership.
Significant cost savings of up to 50%
Easy interaction between the on-site and offshore teams
Enables the client to leverage offshore lab with computing, communication and network facilities as part of the package.
IT Consulting

In today's dynamic business environment, organizations have to constantly look at emerging technology to remain competitive in existing and new business opportunities. Ascent Inc Planning, Implementation and ongoing Consulting & Professional Services are designed to create a system that continually meets your needs and expectations. Ascent Inc team of Consultants comprises of Content/Document Management and various Domain Specialists drawn in from specific industry verticals who understands your business process. At Ascent, we conquer new thresholds in Information Technology every day.

Client centered innovative consulting services
At Ascent Inc our strong industry specific vertical domain knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technologies enables us to engineer complex applications and next generation infrastructure by integrating multiple technologies into solutions for this demanding business environment. Our success is based on strategic industry-specific business solutions that focus on a wide variety of technologies and delivery capabilities, giving us the edge in breed processes and skills.

Delivering Value through IT Consulting
The biggest difference in Ascent Inc is that it always drives for business results through close collaboration with clients to understand their business problems and provide measurable value.
Delivering high value business results
Creating value through exceptional consulting relationship and consulting skills
  • Expert consultants and innovative methodology will help in leveraging the existing IT infrastructure and technology in new ways.
  • Ascent Inc helps the organization to be responsive to the growing business demands by providing versatile and flexible technology solutions.
  • Innovative frameworks and methodology provides value-added service to the clients.
  • High value consultants will help the client to integrate the business strategy with technology to meet their business objectives.
Solutions that deliver more than expected

Consulting solution offerings are enterprise architecture services, service oriented architecture services, information security consulting, IT infrastructure consulting, and systems management consulting.

Our consultants are recognized experts in their fields, experienced with the tools necessary to shape technology. Discovering new ways to do business, to communicate, to build, to educate, to live - Ascent consultants are the life force behind technology's changing expression.

Our corporate mission is to promote technological progress by connecting consultants with the opportunities to bring the best out of them in their fields.

IT Outsourcing

IT Consulting

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