ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, ORACLE APPS)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs. This integrated approach helps various departments to easily share information and communicate with each other.

Aware of ERP's potential as early as 1997, Ascent Technologies has been engaged in aligning its business plans with ERP applications. Ascent Technologies has been delivering ERP solutions to its customers for the past 5 years. We provide full life-cycle ERP implementations, Upgrades and post-production go-live support.

Application and business process migration takes lot of effort and change. Managing the change has been a toughest challenge in implementing ERP solutions. Ascent Technologies has thoroughly understood this challenge right from the beginning and successfully demonstrated the additional value addition ERP brings to organizations. Ascent is instrumental in helping theorganizations' employees of the organizations manage the change via its change management methodologies, training and mentoring procedures, and its proprietary self-learning handbooks.

Correctly Rightly implemented and cost-justified ERP implementations help organizations realize their true potential and goals make organisation's dreams come true. We see our success in our customer's success and fulfill their needs and always exceed their expectations.

Our main area of expertise lies in providing implementations for the following systems:

  • SAP

  • Oracle Apps


A leading edge provider of end-to-end Total Business Integration, Ascent Technologies uses value driven project management and solution driven methodologies at Fixed Price and Fixed Time solutions.

Our extensive experience in implementing the ASAP methodology (both onshore and offshore) has been a key strength in providing a clear, optimized solution for our clients. We have taken the ASAP implementation roadmap a step further, encompassing proven tools, methodologies and templates, resulting in robust implementations that cater across verticals.

We understand that cost is one of the most important factors that you as a client consider while looking at implementing a comprehensive SAP solution that looks not only at the pre implementation phase but also covers the constant and ongoing support which a project involves. At Ascent Technologies , it is our prime objective concern to help lower your total cost of ownership using which we enable owing to our streamlined implementation and support models.

Oracle Apps

In today's fast paced business environment operations and requirements, optimizing on one's resources in terms of personnel, human capital, technological capabilities, business processes and knowledge wealth of information is the first step towards success. To achieve true success, Living up to the dynamism of the everyday changes, effective integration and streamlining process should not prove to be a hindrance deterrent or a distraction to the organization's goal. We are able to help you achieve your long term goals by providing you with the most dynamic and qualified methods of We step in at this point and pose as the essential catalyst factor that lets you focus on your vision while we work on integrating and managing your resources.

Ascent Technologies's Oracle Apps helps achieve these essentialities which is why our clients rely on our capabilities.

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